How To Do

How To Do


Two years ago our Tuesday group spent the entire year focused on the topic of "How To Work". For all of last year we focused on "How To Be". As we begin 2018 we have decided to shift our focus once again, this time taking on the question of  "How To Do".

Our preliminary researches have revealed that real "doing" is not at all what one would ordinarily picture. It's not about having a "super-self-will" that conquers all, but rather an alignment of function, being and will that is more in tune with the expression, "Getting out of the way."

This "...getting out of the way" applies to all three aspects of function, being and will.

On the level of function it means having the ability for all of our centers to work together as an integrated, responsive instrument in service to something "higher" without getting in the way with it's own reactions, habits, likes and dislikes, associative thinking, identifications and so on. 

On the level of being it means being able to sacrifice our own existence and way of being in the moment to let something that is beyond us come through us.

On the level of will it means that after we have worked, struggled and sacrificed to come into possession of our own "I", we then say, "Let Thy will, not mine, be done."

There's much more to the story of How To Do, of course, so 2018 should be a very interesting year for all of us.

More to come...